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wecanstillmakeitbetter - BB10 Native Apps
I've used Slicktasks on legacy bbos forever, it's perfect for my needs but I can't export the data to the bb10 slick tasks, so for now I carry my old Torch just for access to my brain. James is right, remember is good for notes, not for tasks. There is no hierarchy structure - subtasks of tasks. (Think assistant to an assistant ;) You have to be careful where you choose to put your thoughts to be sure you can also get them back out again with an export function. There are standard outline formats for this, or just to a spreadsheet with csv format is better than nothing.
I think I'm gonna stick with Remember because I'm confident it will be here for the long haul, and because reminders appear on the screen and because when you look at all tasks, the flagged emails show up too.

Viira is awesome and Slick Tasks has it's advantages like being able to export to PDF, but I think I'm going to stick with Remember.

Here's more feedback for Remember. You should be able to swipe to get to the three main categories: notes, tags, and tasks. What I mean is, if you're at the home screen for tasks, you should be able to swipe to get to notes or tags, rather than have to go to the top of the screen and touch the button for notes or tags. This is particularly useful when using the Z30 and I imagine, the Passport.
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Good points James. slide to home screen like all other native apps is a good option to have. Also if we could attach PDF, word or excel files to a task and they should open with in the remember app using invocation frame work just like the flagged emails do. and we should have the ability to share them right from the remember app.
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contacts app desperately needs an over haul. I don't understand why they need this linking concept and so many duplications of contacts.
Have very few problems with Contacts. Don't use Facebook on phone and don't use native Twitter app on phone. Keeps them right out, no linking.
Agree Contacts needs a major upgrade though.
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(29-01-2015, 12:52 PM)veeru789 Wrote: contacts app desperately needs an over haul. I don't understand why they need this linking concept and so many duplications of contacts.

What linking concept?
Methinks that linking in Contacts is it wants to link to accounts:
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Even unchecked in Settings, it's invasive.
No thanks, just my contacts please.

(30-01-2015, 03:30 AM)BlackJack Wrote: What linking concept?
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Oh yeah I hate that.
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Don't we all. :)
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You can set multiple alarms. Why can't we also bring up what might be needed for this particular event? (meeting with Dave ... contact details, map directions....all of the needed info for this meeting brought up)

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