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I'm (already) so hooked on the Passport
(14-02-2016, 06:20 PM)SipoKapumba Wrote: Having used the Passport for about three weeks now, I think the idea of a wide phone, with a well spaced physical keyboard, which is touch enabled, makes so much sense. The square screen is okay, but it would have been better if it were rectangular, for viewing in landscape mode. Of course, a Passport slider would be the ultimate compromise between an all touch Passport and one with a rectangular screen. That's the next BB10 phone that I'm looking forward to... in my dreams. Far fetched? What do others think?

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Sipo. The Passport is clearly a productivity beast. I would own one if Verizon had it and probably still will get an SE at some point. However, for me, it's just a little big to be a DD phone. I feel like it was meant to be carried in a blazer, suit jacket or lab coat pocket. Or even in a sturdy case with cargo pants. I can definitely appreciate your admiration for the device.
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