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"HI! I'm a self important, egotistical, human rectum with my new i-watch!"
Apple watch is only as good as your phone can stay on long enough. I guess you'll be plugging them both in at the same time before the day is over.
I really wouldn't want to be causing excessive battery drain on any previous apple phone iteration

It's quite ridiculous how the watch is pretty much useless without the phone and that the 6 plus is the only iPhone worth pairing due to better battery life.
It's worse that people have had to turn off notifications because it became annoying and thus defeating the purpose of the watch in the first place. From the little I know there are some smart watch platforms that don't bother you as much while still appealing to the inner geek and those in need to be notified.
I still think my led on my BlackBerry is all that I need as I'll let my watch do what it's supposed to do while staying powered for years!

It seems to me, apple has trained people too well now that they all expect to have it working and easy to use straight out of the box AND because it's apple it seems reviewers persevered for days - If only BlackBerry got as good a treatment.

The problem reviewers have had with BlackBerry 10 was that they couldn't understand not having a home button and it's unique features like the hub. Within hours they seemingly gave up on learning a better, more efficient way of getting around and multitasking which gave it a piss poor review imo. This bugged me because it was a far better experience than the 'stop, go' multitasking apple provided with its 'in and out' philosophy.

So here we are and it looks like apple are getting some mixed reviews where it's form over function and where the navigation is a little confusing. This just leans to this watch being disposed of and unapologetically 'fixed' (sort of) in iteration 2. That's just how apple rolls right? Great environmental impact there apple. Apple users will give it 9/ 10 and forget all about how useless the first version was because they now have another new shiny gadget.

Apparently, Apple users like to put up with limitations. BlackBerry users don't miss notifications and have blend to extend the platform.

On another note I'm getting a 'classic' watch next month that'll last years without it being dumped for an upgrade.

I'd expect my watch to be handed down if I look after it as it's not cheap . ( I'm not supposed to know this gift, haha) ;)
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