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Do You Have To Fight Sales Reps To Buy A BlackBerry?
(23-02-2014, 03:31 PM)MePiikan LzBolaz Wrote: [quote='BungaDude' pid='130' dateline='1393118101']
Well here is my recent episode!

My wife has the iPhone 5 and to be honest she doesn't like it. She loves my z10 and especially my z30 becuase of EVERYTHING it can do. What makes her mad is that all the stuff that she normally uses apps for, My Z's have it built in the OS. Every time she wants pictures to come out really nice she will tell me to take them with the z30 better they come out a lot nicer.

I have even set up a spare z10 for her but have to find a way to use the Mini SIM card from her iPhone on it. She wants to try it out to see if she switches to BlackBerry.

We are at a crossroads where my daughter is ready for a more capable phone. The question is: do we pass on my wife's iPhone to her (which will make me happy,) and get my wife a BB (which will make us both happy.) She is sold, but my daughter wants an iPhone 5 instead of Mom's 4.

At the end of the day, I pay for all of them. Therefore, kidlet gets Mom's iPhone 4 and Mom comes back to BB. :D

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