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Priv lockscreen
Hi everbody.... I want to make my Priv lockscreen look and feel like a BB10 lockscreen... does anybody know how I can do this?? Thanks!!

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Can you be more specific? Its been a while since I used BB10; what are you missing?

I actually like the Android lock screen. I have my Priv set to allow me to see my notifications and I can swipe them away if I want to ignore them. My date, and time is available and the weather, my bank balance, etc. I find it very useful.

Then I have Picture Password set as my login.
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I can't use Picture Password since I have a Microsoft Exchange email account on my phone. It's one of the protocols of Exchange: it eliminates that possibility so it isn't even offered. I have to use a pin number.

Not sure what OP means. I would like clarification as well.

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No update from OP?
Nothing unusual.
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