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Spy whatsapp messages on mobile phone
I doubt this is legal. just shows how poor WhatsApp is when it comes to security.
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yeh this app can track all on mobile phone, ex: sms, call log, iamge... :)i buy it with 13$/month that i could track phone my young brother
Unbelievable. This is crazy. You do have to get the target phone in your hands and gain access and install the software, but even still, it's pretty horrible security.
Via BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 or Z30 or Classic on or BB Playbook
It's not a hack. It's monitoring. Wiretapping basically. If you own the phone, you can install the app and it's legal. Doing it to someone else, you'd need to get the phone, gain access to install app, and be on the lookout for the feds coming for you. Lol

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Phone Sheriff is parental control tool that facilitates you to follow all functions such as incoming calls, outgoing calls, SMS, websites browsing, applications used and lot more. In order to trail your child’s smart phone functions, just put in this simple app on your child’s phone to begin recording. Once it’ll be mounted, you can track all behavior such as call details, text messages of SMS, whats app chat history, internet browsing and GPS locations all the way through the safe online control panel which can be operated anyplace in world with the help of simple password and username.

Having this powerful program, you might be able to clean and block few specific activities such as specifying time that when calls will come or when the phone will be kept on silent mode. Moreover, you will also be notified when a sim card will be changed and the location can be viewed on GPS navigator. Phone lock facility is also provided with this tool. Consequently so as to track or monitor all activities, PhoneSheriff parental control filtering software is the best available option.
GPSWOX is a full service GPS tracking and fleet management company that offers some of the lowest priced GPS software solutions on the market. These offerings include the ability to track your entire fleet of vehicles or start your very own GPS tracking business by purchasing a software license, running GPSWOX on your server and then charging clients for services.

As far as the software goes, GPSWOX is full of useful features when it comes to tracking vehicles, assets, etc. It includes things such as alerts, (useful if you need to know if a specific event is happening such as speeding, after hours use, going into restricted areas) a variety of reports such as speeding, trip logs, miles driven and much more.
i know how, just use MobileRecorder24 this app automatically save sms and records calls*
I am using (Link Removed) mobile phone spy software for blackberry. That is working fine. I am monitoring my daughter real time activities. I think I am fine with this software only. I don't want any other spy software.
Thank you for sharing!
As for trackers, perhaps the easiest and most accessible of all so it is you can also control apps such as Facebook, Skype, Viber 

And you can easily use this tool to monitor the activity of a person in social networks. But be extremely careful with the information that you`ll get at all. It`s advisable that this information does not harm you and does not bring the pain. You have to be a pretty strong person to read other people's messages ...

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