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Why the no going back "feature"
Simple question: Why?

What is the benefit?

Why is BlackBerry telling us which version of their officially released os we can/cant run on our phones?

I understand with beta releases as a leak deterrent but on an official release it just seems kinda Appleish to put that kind of limit on us.

What happens when an official release has a bug or security hole that requires a roll back to make the phone function properly until it's fixed?
Shouldn't be a problem. Don't like it either.
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The thought comes to mind that maybe it's a milestone type of thing. Maybe 10.3.2 has something new under the hood that once it's implemented can't be undone or will cause incompatibility issues if you roll back. Thus the block. Going forward from here you can only roll back to this point until the next milestone is reached.
One big feature of 10.3.2.xxxx, it's security. Stolen or lost phone becomes useless when using BlackBerry Protect.
You are locked out without password.
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A feature that could be bypassed by loading an older os. Therefore the only way to properly secure this new feature is to add the block.

It's making sense now.
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Yep, by locking, no one can downgrade to bypass security.
No intention of downgrading, so no problem.
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Okay, this question comes from the old Brick It and change it days of BBOS. bkb Cmdr and such. Any idea HOW? They would have to do one hellacious write to the guts of the the ROM to lock it down that tight. And, if you can write to lock, why can't a hacker write to unlock?

Unless, it's the old Mission Impossible write that will self-destruct on an attempt. LOL.

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