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RE: Hello all... - emstardeluxe - 29-09-2014

Hey John :) welcome to UTB

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RE: Hello all... - john_v - 29-09-2014

(29-09-2014, 10:06 AM)BlackJack Wrote: John my man!! Welcome and stick around its getting better and everywhere else is getting worse! Welcome great to see you here.

Thanks man, good to see you too!

Been a busy weekend, haven't had too much time to poke around here, but that's what work hours are for, right? :D.

RE: Hello all... - Canuckvoip - 29-09-2014

Hi John,
Welcome to UTB!

RE: Hello all... - Warlack - 29-09-2014


Hope we can be of service to you

RE: Hello all... - john_v - 01-10-2014

(29-09-2014, 11:37 AM)Warlack Wrote: HellOoooooooooooooooooooooo

Hope we can be of service to you

Oh absolutely...I'll take 1 Passport, please


RE: Hello all... - DickLewis13 - 01-10-2014

Good one john_v, would love a Passport also.

RE: Hello all... - bambinoitaliano - 01-10-2014

Two Passport to go!

Re: RE: Hello all... - newcollector - 01-10-2014

(28-09-2014, 03:31 AM)bambinoitaliano Wrote: I would not have stay if all of you are normal. I don't do normal. If I want normal I shut off my device and computer and sit in the park and watch the passer by.
If I want to do normal, I look at the dial on the clothes dryer.

RE: Hello all... - john_v - 01-10-2014

Hey I'm not that far from Normal...Normal, IL that is...

RE: Hello all... - Chaplain_Clancy - 01-10-2014

Hey john_v, good to see you here. Hope you're well.