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How to BB10: Capturing Visual Media - badiyee - 09-05-2014

Hi, I'm Badi Yee and I'm your residential UTB Godzilla.

This tutorial was typed entirely because my BlackBerry z10 cannot run a screen capture program capturing me trying to capture visual media (using a screen capture app to look through the camera app) , so I'm just going to type here.

This tutorial was done using a BlackBerry Z10 running
Disclaimer: Your phone may be a different model and thus your general user experience and mileage may vary. Standard disclaimers and terms and conditions apply.

1. Activating capturing media

I think this one is a staple act by a lot of people. I personally do not really take pictures nor videos of anything, if ever. But I think that when the time calls for it , the Z10 does some very impressive shots.

So, there are 2 (two) ways for you to launch the camera app. The first is via the lock screen, and the second is via the home screen.

if you need to use the camera in a tight spot, just press the unlock button (or swipe up) .

IF it asks for password, press cancel.

Assuming you did, it should go to the home screen but you need to swipe up to get to home screen. Don't do that. See the bottom right? That's the camera app. Tap and hold it for a good 1-2 seconds, (it has a circle animation) and you're now in the camera.

The second method, is when you're at the home screen. Tap, but don't hold the camera icon, and you're in.

2. Reviewing the pictures / videos

This one is fairly easy. You'll love it.
After taking picture, will see a thumbnail of your picture (and also video, if you use the videocam app) on the bottom left side of the screen. Instincts will tell you to tap it. Don't do that. When you do that you go into the pictures app. You just want to review the visual media you captured, right?

Again, after capturing the visual media.
Tap, and swipe to centre of the screen.

Your media (picture) will show. If you continue to hold, the picture stays. Unhold, and the picture goes back into the thumbnail.

Nifty feature: if you just captured a video, swiping and holding the thumbnail actually plays the video.

Nifty feature 2: If you took the picture or a video, tap, hold and drag the picture to the right side of the screen. You'll be treated to two options:

Share, or delete.

Just drag (don't unhold) to the appropriate selection, and voila.

You may want to try this trick and see for yourselves.

Have fun with BlackBerry 10!

RE: How to BB10: Capturing Visual Media - MiSsy - 10-05-2014

badiyee miracast and video?
Or better still BBM and video and screen share might work?
That quick tap hold and swipe up to the top right in camera is a really nifty preview option or quick delete option without having to lift you finger. I use it all the time :)

RE: How to BB10: Capturing Visual Media - badiyee - 13-05-2014

You know, I just learnt today the power of "stack photograph".

The idea is that you go into burst mode, take the same picture around 5 pictures (hopefully nothing moves), max of 10,

and you'll get a better picture than HDR mode.

I've also learnt that in low light situations, focus on anything that's dark. Like really dark. The rest brightens up.