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subscriptions - aiharkness - 01-01-2017

I'm not getting subscriptions notifications. I have default thread subscription mode set to instant email notification. I'm not changing anything when I post. I have also subscribed to several forums and I don't get anything on that either.

I have checked spam folder. I have double-checked forums settings in control panel. I can't find anything I'm doing wrong.

Are subscription notifications working, or turned off, or is it me somehow and I haven't figured it out?


RE: subscriptions - aiharkness - 01-01-2017

Never mind. The subscription notifications started arriving last night, and they are in my spam folder. I should have checked again before posting.

So I'll fix the problem with messages going to spam, and I'm good.

- Ira

RE: subscriptions - Canuckvoip - 01-01-2017

Glad you got it sorted!

RE: subscriptions - aiharkness - 02-01-2017

Yep. No issues. Thanks.

- Ira

RE: subscriptions - The_Alpha_Geek - 02-01-2017

I tend to get my alerts from subscriptions all at once. Why is that? I'm sure that not everyone is responding to a thread at the same time.

RE: subscriptions - DickLewis13 - 02-01-2017

No help here, no notifications are on. Check in so often, don't need them.
Except PM of course.

RE: subscriptions - aiharkness - 03-01-2017

I haven't watched it close enough to see if notifications come in batches, but I am pretty sure it isn't instant or near instant. The forum subscriptions where a there is notification of a new thread also seems to be delayed. But so far as I can tell I do get all notifications eventually.

By the way, I'm using outlook.com for this site. It functions as push. I wouldn't think the email service is a factor, but you never know.

No complaints. Just providing the info.

- Ira

RE: subscriptions - The_Alpha_Geek - 03-01-2017

Think I'll try a different email provider to see if that changes things. Thanks.