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BBMC staff? - Ninja - 09-06-2016

Just curious here as I heard a lot of negative talks and complaints on various BBM Channels

What do you think of the mysterious BBMC staff?

RE: BBMC staff? - Fayzul - 09-06-2016

That they are so mysterious they probably does not really exist :p they only exist in our mind...

RE: BBMC staff? - Ninja - 09-06-2016

Well, there's gotta be someone who is responsible for deleting posts and channels or promoting and verifying other channels

RE: BBMC staff? - DickLewis13 - 10-06-2016

Someone is watching. Other than that, I really don't pay that much attention to what they are doing.

RE: BBMC staff? - Schmurf. - 13-06-2016

Sounds like a plot from "Person of Interest"

RE: BBMC staff? - Brad - 16-06-2016

A lot of people that run repost channels are upset they don't get featured. Waaah! Oops. Did I say that out loud? Lol

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RE: BBMC staff? - DickLewis13 - 16-06-2016

Think someone watching is more big brother.

RE: BBMC staff? - HYMAN - 16-06-2016

John Chen is watching.. :-)