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Windows BBM App - HYMAN - 03-04-2016

Seems like this BBM version has long been outdated.

But people from different chat groups are wondering if BBM still has plans of updating it.

If BlackBerry is aiming to do cross platform with its IM service, better be fair with all 4 PF. :-)

RE: Windows BBM App - Schmurf. - 03-04-2016

If windows was playing nicely with BlackBerry then I could see that, but if they start pulling the usual crap others do, I'd say drop Windows phone like a bad, hot potato.

RE: Windows BBM App - HYMAN - 03-04-2016

I think Windows at the moment targets the enterprise which BlackBerry still has a big share.

With some barrage of commercials clearly pointing at BlackBerry's business boundaries, I won't be surprised at all why that WP BBM version is at its outdated mode.

RE: Windows BBM App - veeru789 - 04-04-2016

ideally BlackBerry should not make the same mistake that others do. they should update the app even if its a bit late. A service company/app should not discriminate its customers. there are sizeable number of people on Win Phone too.