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Why no Priv review unit for UTB? - SipoKapumba - 08-11-2015

I have been looking out for Priv review videos since yesterday and a number have popped up on YouTube. I realise that some reviewers such as Crackberry and N4BB and severalĀ othersĀ got review units several days before the device launched. I am wondering why UTB, which has done a lot to defend BlackBerry, did not get a review unit. Is it an indication that we are regarded as too radical and not to be trusted by BlackBerry? So, BlackBerry does not recognise us and the support we are giving them? Somebody explain this.

RE: Why no Priv review unit for UTB? - Brad - 08-11-2015

Good question. Lol.

Honestly, we are still really new, and we have seen some explosive growth over the last two years, and in my opinion, offer a full experience not found on many other sites with our blog site, forums, podcasts, channel, etc. And I also think that many of our writers are on par or better than most on more established sites.

However, we are a fan site. We don't pretend to be journalists. We don't pretend to be professionals. This is all done by a completely volunteer group of people who have made it a point to promote and defend BlackBerry in our spare time and on our own dime.

With past phones, I can see why we would be passed over. After all, with our readerbase it really is preaching to the choir and I could see it as a waste of resources. However, with the Priv running Android, I do think our recommendations could be helpful with the BlackBerry faithful.

I can tell you that we're not taking it as a slight. BlackBerry has used our posts in advertising, there have been quotes on BlackBerry's site from our own Biggly. And BlackBerry currently has us featured on the BBMC discover page. They know about us, and I'm sure they know they can use us whenever it best serves.

At the same time, we still have a lot of growing to do. We need a bigger forums community. We need those that comment on the channel to comment on the site, as sites really are judged by those interactions. While quality is much more important that quantity, quantity makes a huge difference. Lol.

And I don't think we are any more radical than Chen himself. But we have made some enemies in the former BlackBerry community of a few of the more established sites, that do have old friendships in certain areas of BlackBerry. I mean, we have seen people that run other sites harassing BlackBerry twitter when they've retweeted us. Lmao! So that could have something to do with it too. Who knows? We're growing. We'll get there. And we'll continue to promote and support BlackBerry the whole way.

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RE: Why no Priv review unit for UTB? - DickLewis13 - 08-11-2015

Patience grasshoppers. UTB is up and coming. Our turn will eventually Take its course.

RE: Why no Priv review unit for UTB? - james pisano - 08-11-2015

Excellent reply Brad.

I think it's a fair question Sipo. You can bet it's one we have all asked as well. I think it's fair to say we don't know the exact answer; it's not like we've discussed this with BlackBerry.

My feeling is that it's a combination of growing pains and our youth. Without going into detail, we are still finding our voice, a bit. We are a fan site who intends to support the BlackBerry brand and it's users. We also intend to show the misrepresentations and inaccuracies of other web portals that cover mobile tech, relative to BlackBerry and it's competitors. However, the style or tone of how we do this is evolving a bit.

It seems we are on BlackBerry's radar, but either they're waiting to get a feel for who we are, or there is some outright politics being played by friends of the other sites that is blocking us out.

It seems many of those other BlackBerry "fan" sites were started by people who had acquaintances at BlackBerry and that's how they got "the scoop" with inside info and that's also how they got review units and for both of those reasons they got a following. UTB on the other hand is a completely "grass roots" startup effort.

I agree with Brad's point about it only being a matter of time before we start getting review units regularly.

RE: Why no Priv review unit for UTB? - SipoKapumba - 08-11-2015

Thanks for the comprehensive reply Brad. I understand now. Let's continue doing our BlackBerry thing, even if we are speaking to a small audience. I guess, what matters is our passion for the brand. We just need to connect with more people with the same passion and there are millions out there. As you have pointed out, this is a fan driven site and not a journalist driven one.

RE: Why no Priv review unit for UTB? - SipoKapumba - 08-11-2015

Well said James, it is a matter of time indeed. I guess I am so into UTB Blogs that I think it is the universe of BlackBerry. I do check out what the other sites are doing, but for genuine, fan based content, UTB Blogs is my daily must read. I read it practically every minute, thanks to the UTB Blogs app on my Z30. On a lighter note, any chance of us having an Android version of the UTB Blogs app, now that BlackBerry has also gone Android? There is a huge opportunity to connect with more BlackBerry lovers.

RE: Why no Priv review unit for UTB? - Brad - 08-11-2015

Lol! Sipo! I think you have ESP! We're talking about a cross platform app as we speak.

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RE: Why no Priv review unit for UTB? - Wayno - 08-11-2015

Not through lack of trying. Even one contributor I know has requested an evaluation unit, but was told these are very limited. He is however Invited to a private viewing of the Priv. Maybe he might get lucky at that event? Fingers crossed for him.

RE: Why no Priv review unit for UTB? - Canuckvoip - 08-11-2015

I need an Android UTB app!

RE: Why no Priv review unit for UTB? - Wayno - 08-11-2015

(08-11-2015, 11:55 AM)Canuckvoip Wrote: I need an Android UTB app!

Speak to the admins of this site ;) demand it now!!!! Hahaha