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I love my Classic! - james pisano - 25-09-2015

Love this little workhorse! Great battery, great keyboard, awesome size and shape, love the toolbelt, the call and end buttons are awesome and love using the trackpad for text editing and web surfing, the PKB shortcuts, adequate screen, love the stainless steel band on the edge and the frets.

I've had it for about 6 months and I'm really almost as excited about it now as I was when I first got it. Although I certainly want Verizon to carry the Passport and would love a BB10 slider, I think this may be the best BlackBerry ever made.

I just hope Chen continues with this form factor and offers a Classic-2 or something, sometime down the road, with updated specs.

RE: I love my Classic! - BlackJack - 25-09-2015

I'm on board! I can't see a better device for those constantly on the go. Yes the passport is amazing but just too unwieldy to tote around and use with one hand (one thumb!) I have them both now and am comparing. Classic is so much more ergonomic especially for phone calls. Together they are the ideal solution - classic as main driver - phone calls messaging, quick emails, but for documents and web browsing a bit cramped. The trackpad helps but the large screen on the passport can't be beat! So I use it on wifi at office and home for documents, long emails and web browsing.

I say must have both!!

RE: I love my Classic! - BlackJack - 25-09-2015

As far as a Classic 2 - I wouldn't mind some better specs of course, a removable battery or a bigger one, it could be a half inch wider and still be very ergonomic ( slightly larger screen) and it could have a touch capacitive keyboard!

Or it could be a BlackBerry 10 Torch 3 slider *ahem*

RE: I love my Classic! - DickLewis13 - 25-09-2015

Definitely a higher capacity battery, 2515 mAh is far too small.
Classic Slider would solve problem of a larger screen.

RE: I love my Classic! - james pisano - 25-09-2015

Agreed. Bigger battery would be nice. I was also thinking of upgrading the processor and maybe better screen.