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hi, first post - Tobytyke21 - 16-03-2015

I'd just like to introduce myself to the forums.

I'm a long time Blackberry fan in the UK and although I have had to use Android/iOS devices for a couple of years due to personal circumstances I have just come back to the light side with a Blackberry Passport.

I'm not sure if this is a typical story but I don't have many friends or colleagues that feels the way I do about the devices or the company and have come here to chat with like minded people.

I have a few BBM contacts but unfortunately have to resort to the filthy !whatsapp for cross platform IM. If we chat I'm more than happy to share my BBM pin.

Hope you're all well.

Andy (tobytyke is my home team football mascot)

RE: hi, first post - veeru789 - 16-03-2015

Welcome to UTB!. Yes, we love our BlackBerrys here. Lots of like minded people. Feel at home. Ask, share any information you like.

RE: hi, first post - DickLewis13 - 16-03-2015

Welcome to UTB Toby. You are now among true BlackBerry fans.

RE: hi, first post - newcollector - 17-03-2015

Welcome home from UTB where BlackBerry fans abound!

RE: hi, first post - ray689 - 17-03-2015

Welcome Toby. You certainly found like minded people here to chat with.

RE: hi, first post - Brad - 17-03-2015

Welcome aboard! Glad you found us and looking forward to having you here!

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RE: hi, first post - Canuckvoip - 17-03-2015

Welcome to UTB Andy! Relax and enjoy this great place!

RE: hi, first post - emstardeluxe - 17-03-2015

Hi Andy :) nice to have you here

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RE: hi, first post - BrizBerryDevs - 17-03-2015

Welcome to UTB, Andy! Hope you feel at home here! :)

RE: hi, first post - BBExclusiveUK - 17-03-2015

Welcome to the forum boards Andy :D

We are BlackBerry fans here, after all we wouldn't be here if we weren't, would we?

I look forward to seeing you around the boards and joining in with discussions, just don't forget to grab a beer while your at it!