Fortnite Changes the Game

Yes, the game is coming to Android, but you won’t find it on the Google Play Store.

The uber popular game Fortnite is confirmed to be heading to Android this summer. But the game maker Epic is doing something rather unique, that could have some major repercussions. The game maker will not be releasing the game through the Google Play Store.

Instead, Epic will make the game available to download on their own website. By taking this route, Epic is able to avoid the 30% cut that Google gets on all in-game purchases. User’s will need to allow the installation of apps from untrusted services within their device, but this should not be any security risk provided they are only downloading the game from the official Epic site.

A game as popular as Fortnite should have no problem growing their base of users in Android without using the Google Play Store. However, most games don’t have the reputation and demand that this game has. Could Epic’s choice in bypassing the Google Play Store change the field of play? I believe it can.

Most users are simply used to going to the Google Play Store to grab whatever app they want. I would assume there are a massive number of users that have never considered heading outside of Google’s ecosystem to find apps. Epic may be opening a lot of users up to this idea. Other large game developers may decide to follow Epic’s lead. Imagine if multiple game developers went in and created their own app store away from the Google Play Store? Or if they were to partner with another app store that could handle the download bandwidth, while charging much less than Google, or nothing at all like Amazon?

Epic’s choice to take such a major game and present it directly to the public may have far reaching implications in the world of Android, or it may do nothing at all. I’m extremely interested to see the end result.

Source: Gamespot


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