Forget Fingerprints – Here’s An UNCRACKABLE Password…

Go, On... What's The Number?
Go On… What’s The Number?

Earlier on today I received the following BBM (no Whatsapp or iMessage here, thank you!) from a friend of mine. He works in financial security – all very hush, hush, don’t ask me what it all means – and had been to a very big and powerful meeting, as these people do.

After the meeting finished he sat down, as you do, squeezing in with other delegates onto the interminably small amount of seating at these things. You know the type, everyone gets squashed together and you’re lucky if you can sit down at all. Since the meeting had broken up everyone in the room did what we all do these days, switched their phone on (or taken it off silent) and gone to check their messages.


This is what his BBM said:

The iPhone next to me had an unlock code of 1648. The iPad on the other side is 2759. Thank God for Picture Password! I’ve show them mine and they can’t guess it. They’re blown away!

Yes, of course, my friend is a BlackBerrian.

Picture password, for those who don’t know, was something introduced to ALL BB10 devices in the last update. And it’s probably THE most secure way of locking your phone – period.

Forget fingerprint detectors, they’re a bit hit and miss at the best of times and, to be frank, there’s no WAY I’m giving MY fingerprint to anyone but the police thank you very much.


Why is it so good?

Because it is pretty much UNCRACKABLE.

Here’s how it works.

You pick a number from 0-9.

You pick a point on a picture.

A random square grid of numbers then appears over the picture and your number appears more than once.

You drag the screen (you don’t even have to have your finger on the number) until your number is over the part of the picture you chose.

You let go.

That’s it.

With one number I have made my phone UNCRACKABLE.

How do I know?

Because I have challenged over 20 people so far (with multiple guesses) to watch me unlock my phone.



And no one – not one, has been able to unlock my phone afterwards.

They’ve moved the screen in patterns, stabbed at numbers, even tried a bizzarre combination wiggle.

And nope.

So I’ve shown them again.


I’ve shown people up to 5 times and not one of them has got it.


Would you like to let the world know how to unlock your phone?

Or would you like to unlock it in full view of everyone and they have no idea how you did it.

And all without giving my fingerprint to anyone.

Because let’s be fair iPhonians and Androidians, stabbing a PIN into it or waggling a pattern?

That’s SO 2011.

Just another small reason to come #BackToBlack

Just another reason that it’s time to buy a BlackBerry.

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