Ford CEO Knows That Profit Lies With QNX

photo via Ford

Ford CEO Mark Fields isn’t going to bow to Apple or Google.

“At the end of the day we don’t want to end up as the handset business,” Fields stated in an interview with Re/code.

I find it refreshing to see a large American company not falling prey to the ways of Google and Apple. Fields recognizes that these manufacturers see very little profit, if any at all, for making handsets or components, with nearly all the profits going to line the pockets of Google and Apple.

However, Ford sees that consumers are looking for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and they will offer compatibility. Although Apple and Google will be relegated to a secondary interface to their primary system. Which is really all either of these systems are capable of being at this point.

Ford’s primary system, Sync, will now be running on the BlackBerry owned real time operating system, QNX. QNX will allow consumers a choice of using the built in Sync, Apple, or Google infotainment systems. All while keeping the car’s systems running, and the occupants safe.

As a BlackBerry fan, the last thing I want to see in my car is Apple or Google on my dash, but at least if I do, I’ll know underneath it, QNX, and therefore BlackBerry is keeping everything running safe. 


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  • nnik

    even iCrap is better with a good foundation…..better still doesn’t mean good

  • Robert

    It must have pissed himher off mentioning BlackBerry and not being able to say something negative. She/he forgot to mention that Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay are only capable thanks to QNX.

  • Anthony

    The best looking smartphone in Ford’s upcoming GT could be the Passport. locco_smiley_3

  • bartron

    Wow, that’s great to hear. I’m surprised, and elated. It’s nice to see at least one American corporation thinking rationally instead of blindly jumping on a bandwagon.

  • JohnLBair1

    QNX is the game changer! The now! And the future!

  • Awesome. It would also be great if the general public had some idea that many of the critical systems in their cars and their infotainment systems all rely on QNX, but that’s probably not going to happen.

    But it does inspire confidence in my own handset to know that QNX is so strong that braking and other auto systems run on it. So many certifications for security and availability; very awesome!