Forbes – ‘Here’s Why You May Be Buying BlackBerry Again’

Hot Stuff!
Hot Stuff!

The latest Wall Street publication to give $BBRY the thumbs up is Forbes and they don’t make these recommendations lightly.

Their financial journalist Gene Marks makes some very good points about how the company is being restructured along financially sensible lines

‘BlackBerry? Are those guys still around?

Yes, they are–and in a big way. The company, which reported a record $4.4 billion loss for the quarter ended in November, is definitely on a rebound. A new CEO is in place and focusing on revamping the company’s device offerings while renewing focus on its enterprise customers. New products were just announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Big companies like Ford Motor are considering switching from Microsoft Windows to BlackBerry software for its next generation Sync System. Shares of the company have risen from a low of $5.44 in December to around $11.00. Some analysts believe that the stock could rise another 50% in the coming months.’


Sounds rather good, doesn’t it!

Gene goes on to say:

‘That’s because BlackBerry is no longer just about devices. The company is focusing on the one hot thing that’s on the minds of so many business managers nowadays: security. Every client of mine is struggling with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) issues. Every other technology news item seems to be about security breaches, privacy concerns and information lost to hackers. Microsoft wants us to buy their unpopular CE phones. Samsung’s line runs on Android. Apple is iOS. No one plays nicely with each other. Everyone is battling for market share. But our employees want choice. And we want them to use the devices that they feel are most productive. But we need security. What’s a business owner, manager or IT director to do?

Enter BlackBerry.’

And this is true. Of course it is, it always has been. It’s just that the media got hung up on handset sales as the ultimate decider in BlackBerry’s future as a company.

Which was tosh.

But John Chen has made that clear now by splitting the company into it’s component parts so every part can shine.

And it’s all beginning to come up nicely. Not there yet, but we’re on our way.

BTW, Gene makes this, rather weird remark at the end:

‘So, if you can believe it, you might be buying BlackBerry for your business sometime in the next few years. But don’t worry. You’re not the President of the United States. You can still use your iPhone.’

Which of course is utterly unbelievable.

Who would want an iPhone?

Full Forbes Article Here


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