Following Comicon, Sony Releases New Venom Trailer

This doesn’t look good.

The movie version of Spider-Man is back where he belongs. In the Marvel Universe fighting alongside the Avengers, fighting the Vulture, and… turning into dust. Oh well, the remnants of Spidey in the Marvel Universe is still better than in the hands of Sony. Where Venom is being reborn.

We previously saw a version of Venom with in Spider-Man 3. The movie mysteriously cast Topher Grace of all people in the role of Venom’s alter-ego Eddie Brock. Hearing about a 2018 version of Venom, played by Tom Holland sounded like we were finally going to get what we had been asking for. Until we saw the first trailer, that completely missed the boat by never even showing the first symbiote in action. That should have been all the warning we needed.

But it seemed Sony got the message, and pushed out a trailer that showed the monster. That trailer had me wondering if perhaps it was unfinished? Maybe they were just rushing to get it out and hadn’t really finalized the animations yet? And had me second guessing my past dismissal of the kid from That 70’s Show as the villain.

Now, there’s a new trailer.

Yup. I guess that is the final character design. And it’s not good. It’s not good at all. And what is up with Tom Hardy’s voice? It makes me miss the Bane mask. What do you think about the new incarnation of Venom (and friends)?



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