Fly with Pro Flight Simulator Dubai for BB10 and Android

A new game is now available to BlackBerry 10 and for Android users as well. Pro flight is a new simulator that lets you try to fly 13 famous aircraft and play more then 250 missions.

The game for BlackBerry 10 and android is the same, as the features are identical. Pro flight for BB10 will cost you $4.99 and the android game is for free but for the full game you will have to pay around the same price as BB10 game.

The game features:

– 13 aircraft. Free and by purchase, but you can also earn aircraft inviting your friends to the game.
– More then +250 missions (airline board) to attend.
– All airports, highly detailed with runways, taxiway and buildings.
– Highly detailed Dubai hotels and casinos.
– Time and weather/atmospheric conditions to fly.
– Autopilot, functional cockpits, real time informations about the flight.
– Exclusive missions for each aircraft, varying according to the aircraft reachability.
– Easy to use interface to control all the lift superficies of the aircraft.

Purchase the game for BB10, BlackBerry World.

Download the game for Android, Google Play.

Roy Shpitalnik

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