How to Fix Apple’s Mistake

There’s no denying it. Apple forgot something. There’s no headphone jack for Pete’s sake!

Apple had courage. The courage to go ahead and present a mistake. Somewhere along the line, the Apple designers left something very important off the designs for a very important part of the iPhone. The headphone jack.

Apple’s usually capable (or so I’ve heard) quality control department must have called off work the day that the designs were approved. And the iPhone 7 design with the necessary missing port made it to manufacture.

What was Apple to do one they had warehouses full of these iPhones that was missing something so vital? Why, attempt to sell it of course.

Showing courage not seen since Hercules completed his Labors, Tim Cook and company took to the stage and presented this foul up. Luckily, there’s a way around this. YouTuber TechRax has presented a handy do-it-yourself tip for those courageous enough to fix Apple’s miff.

Of course, this is not real. A headphone jack is a bit more than just a hole in the phone.

We actually saw this video last week, and it was slightly funny. More funny than the video are the comments on the video. Comments in which some YouTuber’s claimed to have tried the fix and destroyed their phones. I read through the comments, at that point, much fewer than there are now, and enjoyed the sense of humor employed by so many. But was it really humor?

The Sun is reporting that these are actual complaints and that some of these users have actually tried it. Are they right? Or does The Sun simply not understand sarcasm? I don’t know. And I’m not going to spend any more effort attempting to figure it out. Whether actual users attempted this, or whether The Sun is missing out on the joke, the end result is the same. A bit of humor for a Saturday afternoon.



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