Fitness can ruin your security!


I used to joke that I would never run unless something with big teeth was chasing me – and even in those instances I don’t have to outrun the beast, all I have to do is outrun at least one of the other people I’m with (or trip them). All joking aside there seems to be a weakness in some of the fitness app trackers that can easily compromise security.

A few of us here at UTB have used wearables over the years including FitBit and a few others. They are really useful at tracking various activities and there has been an explosion of apps to help in that regards. One of the more useful apps is Strava which tracks running, bicycling, heart rate, etc, according to Google Play it can:

Unfortunately there can be a downside to this tracking utility. You see not only do civilians use Strava but those in the armed forces also use it to track their workouts and therein lies the problem. The exercise routes can be shared online and the unintended results of this are twofold-

  1. the location of the individual can be tracked by viewing their routine but more worrisome,
  2. the outlines of the bases are clearly identifiable. So sensitive areas in hot zones are easy to map.

Who could fault a soldier on active duty for taking a jog at night in a forward base in Afghanistan and tracking their route on their wearable. Maybe they have a buddy at a different base and they want to compare workouts so they share their routes and compare distance, times, calories burned, etc. As much as I detest government intrusion into our activities and censorship, fitness apps may be one area where it is applicable.


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