Fitbit Presents the Versa 2 With Amazon Alexa

Your Fitbit will now listen when you speak to it.

Fitbit has unveiled the newest device to it’s fitness tracker family. The Versa 2 is a minor upgrade to the original Versa, but there are a few items that may just make the upgrade worthwhile to users.

The Versa 2 will arrive with an upgraded chipset, which should make the device run smoother and improve the already outstanding battery life. However, most users probably won’t notice a difference in daily use.

The screen of the device is slightly larger, which is a good improvement, and also brings an always-on mode for those that don’t like to flip their wrist to look at the time. But the device still has some extremely large bezels. Even with Fitbit’s attempt at hiding this with the black face of the watch, it’s still noticeable.

This time around, Fitbit Pay will be available on all versions of the watch instead of just the Special Edition version. There are also improvements to the sleep tracking aspects of the device, which has been one of my most favorite features of the Fitbit.

Fitbit also introduced a new premium service which users will obtain a free trial with the new Versa.

The most notable change this time around is the addition of Amazon’s Alexa. Voice assistance in smartwatches is not new, but it’s the first time that Fitbit is getting into the game. They have done something really right here, and something really wrong. What’s right is that instead of attempting to create their own voice assistant and forcing users to suffer through the various growing pains that come with that, Fitbit has decided to simply use Amazon Alexa. Amazon’s Alexa is, in my opinion, the best of all the voice assistant’s out there. Also, in order to speak to Alexa, the user must push the button. There is no use of a wake word, which privacy minded individuals should appreciate. Where Fitbit seems to have biffed it though, is in the exclusion of a speaker. Speaking to Alexa will return responses on the watch screen, but users won’t be able to hear Alexa respond to them, and that seems like a very poor choice.

The Versa 2 will be available September 15 with a $200 price tag. Users can pre-order the device here.


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