Fitbit or Vivosmart?


I was an avid Fitbit user until I got tired of going through the process of having to get the unit replaced every few months. Luckily I didn’t have to pay for the new ones, they were given on warranty. I kept wearing out the straps.

I am hoping to make my fitness wearable experience a bit more trouble free by switching to a Garmin Vivosmart. As far as I’m concerned it’s the only unit that can compare function-wise. My wife actually commented that “why don’t people buy that instead of that stupid Apple Watch” when she saw what the little unit is capable of.

My major concerns were “will this band be able to function correctly with my phone?” “is the app easy to install and use?”.

I tried to get help from the sales people but got the usual answer, I think they have these memorized as a group when the get their training, “it won’t work with BlackBerry”. Well, I was told that when I bought my Fitbit and it got along famously with all my Blackberrys. Even the notifications worked. Most of the time. On my Z30 they occasionally didn’t come through. So naturally I paid little attention what the sales staff had to say. I grabbed three different devices and informed the store manager she’ll be getting two back tomorrow. I kept the Vivosmart. I was impressed with the fitness band as a whole and sincerely hoped it would work with my mobile devices…which I now know it does… for the most part. It worked as well as the Fitbit, even if it was a bit harder to set up. I even was able to use the music player controls but found when doing so the notifications didn’t always come through. For those of you out there ready to blame BlackBerry and the lack of compatible apps …any and all of the hiccups and flaws in the processes I encountered exist on Android devices as well as I found by doing the same tests on my Galaxy Tab 4. As for ios, they have to shut notifications off completely because Apple won’t allow the Garmin App to choose which notifications to allow…it’s all or none…but then you have to shut the notifications off on your iProduct anyway or risk getting it crashed.

I know I probably left more questions than answers. I’m very happy with my choice. The bottom line is wearables are relatively new and there are going to be issues to overcome before they are perfect, no matter what your choice of mobile device.



I couldn’t get the music controls to work with Neutron, I had to load an Android Music Player


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