Fitbit Now Syncs With BlackBerry 10!


I like gadgets. And one of my favorite gadgets after my BlackBerries is my Fitbit. For those of you that don’t know, a Fitbit is a fitness tracker. Kind of a pedometer that does so much more. If you get a Fitbit with a display, it will tell you the time, your step count, miles walked (probably kilometers for you outside of the US, but who really cares about that?), calories burned, some will even tell you how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed. They’re great little devices! However, for the fun stuff, or if you have one without a display, you need a companion app. With the app you can track your sleep, you can record your food intake and compare it to your calories burned. And you don’t even need an iWatch for it! What’s that you say? Apple Watch? Well that sounds stupid.

And herein lies the problem for BlackBerry users. Fitbit has an app. An app that works well on BlackBerry 10. I have contacted Fitbit several times over the last year asking them to bring their app to BlackBerry World. After all, it works well, it should be there. And each time, they said they would look in to it, and it would never appear.

There is one aspect that doesn’t work on the app. The sync option. Yes, you still need to sync through your computer. That didn’t stop me though. As the last time I looked, the sync only worked with later iPhones and later Samsung phones. I’m sure they have added more phones by now, but the issue as was explained to me, was that the Fitbit uses Low Energy Blue Tooth to sync, and not many phones had that capability yet.

But wait! Wasn’t that coming with 10.3? I swear I had heard that before.

To be honest, I hadn’t really thought much of it recently. I hadn’t even opened the app on my phone. My Fitbit syncs when I arrive home, and I see what I’ve done. But honestly, even though the app works the same on BlackBerry as most phones out there, without the sync it was lacking. And was really more of a source of frustration that it was still not in BBW. And then today, I was BBM chatting with my friend Robert. No, not the Robert you all see in the forums, there’s a different one. And he asked about Fitbit. And got me thinking about the sync issue again.

Well, I have installed on my Q5, I should try it again. So, off to Amazon App Store to see if the Fitbit app is there. And yes! Yes it is! A quick download later I’m signing in with my credentials. Go to click sync… and no sync. What’s that message? Turn on Blue Tooth? *facepalm* Quick setting, Blue Tooth on, and presto!


That’s right! Syncing like a pro! On BB10.3, the Fitbit app works perfect. I now have the full featured app, downloaded from the app store that’s pre-installed on my BlackBerry. Now I can finally recommend Fitbit to friends and family!


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