Fitbit Now Syncs With BlackBerry 10!


I like gadgets. And one of my favorite gadgets after my BlackBerries is my Fitbit. For those of you that don’t know, a Fitbit is a fitness tracker. Kind of a pedometer that does so much more. If you get a Fitbit with a display, it will tell you the time, your step count, miles walked (probably kilometers for you outside of the US, but who really cares about that?), calories burned, some will even tell you how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed. They’re great little devices! However, for the fun stuff, or if you have one without a display, you need a companion app. With the app you can track your sleep, you can record your food intake and compare it to your calories burned. And you don’t even need an iWatch for it! What’s that you say? Apple Watch? Well that sounds stupid.

And herein lies the problem for BlackBerry users. Fitbit has an app. An app that works well on BlackBerry 10. I have contacted Fitbit several times over the last year asking them to bring their app to BlackBerry World. After all, it works well, it should be there. And each time, they said they would look in to it, and it would never appear.

There is one aspect that doesn’t work on the app. The sync option. Yes, you still need to sync through your computer. That didn’t stop me though. As the last time I looked, the sync only worked with later iPhones and later Samsung phones. I’m sure they have added more phones by now, but the issue as was explained to me, was that the Fitbit uses Low Energy Blue Tooth to sync, and not many phones had that capability yet.

But wait! Wasn’t that coming with 10.3? I swear I had heard that before.

To be honest, I hadn’t really thought much of it recently. I hadn’t even opened the app on my phone. My Fitbit syncs when I arrive home, and I see what I’ve done. But honestly, even though the app works the same on BlackBerry as most phones out there, without the sync it was lacking. And was really more of a source of frustration that it was still not in BBW. And then today, I was BBM chatting with my friend Robert. No, not the Robert you all see in the forums, there’s a different one. And he asked about Fitbit. And got me thinking about the sync issue again.

Well, I have installed on my Q5, I should try it again. So, off to Amazon App Store to see if the Fitbit app is there. And yes! Yes it is! A quick download later I’m signing in with my credentials. Go to click sync… and no sync. What’s that message? Turn on Blue Tooth? *facepalm* Quick setting, Blue Tooth on, and presto!


That’s right! Syncing like a pro! On BB10.3, the Fitbit app works perfect. I now have the full featured app, downloaded from the app store that’s pre-installed on my BlackBerry. Now I can finally recommend Fitbit to friends and family!


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  • Anthony

    A pleasant surprise is always good. locco_smiley_42

  • Blackjack

    Ha haaa!
    Interesting timing brad. Just what are you trying to say? Hurry up. I was headed off to sign up for an apple watch.

    • Brad

      Yeah, who needs it BlackJack?

  • Bigglybobblyboo

    Hang on… you have a friend? Like in real life and stuff? Wow…

    I thought there was only us!


  • G-bone

    Who really cares about that?
    The other 7 billion people on earth…
    But I’m glad it now works as I expected it would!


  • BB Racer !!

    Ah but the Apple Watch has style, design, élégance, identity, intuitive, …..jesus running out of words before the Price Tag of $400 +…….way to go Brad

  • veeru789

    Im not into these kind of tech, but your article is kind of tempting me to try it. :d

  • Sweet. It sounds intriguing. I know you’re a big fan of the fitbit. Glad you have the ability to sync with your BBRY now. This is a great example of the power of BB10 and the ability to run Android apps from the Amazon store. Our OS keeps getting better and better in leaps and bounds!

  • razrrob

    Will look this up on the interwebs and possibly get one for the Missus as she’s been asking about something like this

  • Minaz

    Hello – I am not able to find the Fitbit app when searching in the app store … ???

    • Brad

      It is the android app. You can obtain it from the Amazon app store. Also be sure that you have the current OS update. Since this post was written, Fitbit has updated their app and it can be problematic syncing with earlier OS’s. Current OS’s work beautifully though.

  • betkom

    Hello Brad, what’s the name of the app in the App store?, my OS is

    • Brad

      It’s the official Fitbit android app in the Amazon app store.

  • betkom

    I can’t see it in the Amazon app, I’m getting other options like misfit and fitbit finder but not the fitbit app. Has it been removed from the app store. if yes, can you help me with the apk?

  • betkom

    Thanks, Brad. Yes, It’s region blocked. was able to use the APK.

  • V.H.

    Hello! I was so excited when I found this thread, as I **thought** there must be a way to sync my FitBit with my Blackberry. An hour later, the app is still “installing” and Bluetooth is still trying to connect to my Charge HR. I checked my software and I have installed on my phone and BB tells me this is the latest software. I know this thread is a few years old, but are you still using your Amazon App to sync your FB with your BB? Can you offer any tips or suggestions? Thanks so much!

    • Hi V.H. Unfortunately I don’t use Fitbit any longer. My suggestion would be to find and use an older apk of the Fitbit app. I know there have been several updates to the app since I wrote this post, and the updates may have broke the connectivity with the BB10.

      • V.H.

        That was going to be my next step – luckily, just when I was about to give up on Amazon, the install finished, the app opened, the first thing it did was sync my tracker (I didn’t have to force it to at all, just automatically did it) and I am good to go! I wanted to respond not only to thank you for a quick reply, but also in case any other BB and FB users are searching for a solution. It took almost three hours to install, which is a ridiculously long time, but have patience: it’s worth it. Thanks for figuring this out originally, and for keeping this post up. Have a great day!