FitBit Blaze: Followup


Around 3 weeks ago I wrote my initial impressions concerning the FitBit Blaze, my first wearable. The initial attempt was with the BlackBerry Leap but there seemed to be some issue syncing as incoming calls would not result in the Blaze providing alerts. So I ventured into Google Play downloaded the app onto the BlackBerry Priv, and voile’ – all was good! After daily use I feel somewhat qualified to offer my not so humble opinion.


The build is solid, no cheap parts or corners cut. The watchband is different from prior models, so should it wear through after months of use, a sliding mechanism easily removes the band making replacement simple, inexpensive ($29.95 USD) and straightforward with no loss of function. After setting the functions on the Priv (including sleep) it worked exactly as promised.



I am certain this will be a long term relationship – I now check a few times a day to view my steps and other metrics. I have not received a rash on my wrist as some people have with wearables (you wear it all day, everyday and perspiration happens!). I have added a few friends to compare activities but have yet to enter daily food or fluid intakes. My only qualm is that the battery seems to require charging every 48 hrs so every 2 days it charges overnight – the shortened charging interval may help to avoid rashes.

All in all I’m quite happy with the Blaze and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.


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