First Teaser Trailer for Venom, Minus Venom

We’ve been waiting for years for Venom… and he’s still not here.

Venom is finally coming back to the big screen. Fans of Spider-Man know the story background story already. Once the symbiotic suit of Spider-Man obtained during the cheesy Secret Wars mini-series, the suit had a mind of it’s own, and a grudge to bear. Upon merging with Eddie Brock, Venom was born. One of the biggest and baddest villains in Spider-Man’s rogues gallery.

As for the movies, Venom previously appeared in Sam Raimi’s 2007 Spider-Man 3. Eddie Brock was played by Topher Grace of all people, and the movie was fairly forgettable. Within the last 11 years, a lot has changed as far as superhero movies go, and fans are hopeful for this next movie.

This time, the character isn’t just the villain in the movie, he’s the title character. Played by Tom Hardy, this is the chance for us to see the villain in all his gory glory. Finally the trailer appears. And the trailer is missing something rather important. It’s missing Venom.

Sure, we see Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, but that’s not what we’ve been waiting to see. This time, the teaser trailer really is just a tease.



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