First Official Tease of BlackBerry Mercury?

Steve Cistulli gives us a sneak peak at the upcoming BlackBerry Mercury/ DTEK 70

Steve Cistulli is a name you need to know. Steve Cistulli is the President and General Manager of TCL North America. TCL is of course the company which will now be bringing us BlackBerry hardware.

Tonight Cistulli tweeted out a tease showing us the keyboard of what we can assume is the upcoming BlackBerry Mercury/DTEK 70 which we shall be seeing debuted at CES.

We can already tell this phone will be a beauty! Who else can’t wait to get their hands on this phone?



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  • Roy shpitalnik

    Can’t wait !!!!

  • Jeremy

    I wanna get a Dtek60 first….. I mean really, give a man some time to save his pennies.

  • Wayno

    Looks very nice. Although one thing that concerns me is the keys are level with the frets. Not sure how that will affect typing but on Passport they are raised higher than the frets

  • leverspro

    Very different layout than the Passport, which I have really come to like. Very curious to see price. I’m also curious how long it’s going to take to see discounts on the dtek60.

  • Dave Matthews

    Looking good.

  • @SteveCistulli Certainly looks like the highly anticipated BlackBerry Mercury. When shall we find out? Today?

  • anthogag

    It looks dope.