First Look – YI Dash Camera

There is new trend for drivers, a lot are putting a dashboard camera in their car, it’s great way to record everything and to ensure that you have proof of what happened if ever something wrong goes down.

YI, entered into the dashboard trend with their YI 2.7″ camera. Like their parent company, Xiaomi, they want to bring the best product with a lower price tag. The YI is stylish camera and has a few cool features like the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) to help the driver be safe and optimize their experience. The camera is HD and you can use micro SD up to 64GB (10 Class).

With my impressions I have found the only cons with this camera is the lack of touch screen and the not so friendly UI and control. The YI camera comes with car charger and USB, and Mount for the camera.

The camera is now on $44.99 in You can look for good deals before Christmas.

Check the first look video and wait to the Full review that will come later.

What are your thoughts and does this product interest you? Sound off below.

Roy Shpitalnik

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