First Indications That Apple iPhone 6 Sales Are Stalling

you can bend it

When the iPhone 6 was launched the BIG sales story was, of course, that 10 million phones had been shifted. That the public were gagging for it. That people had been paid to stand in line to make it look popular.


And, of course, iPhonians went into rapture as to how they had all been fooled again and paid over the odds for an inferior product. Only they didn’t quite realise just how inferior it was at that point.

Fast forward just a few weeks and the inevitable starts to happen as reported by Fone Arena in the first indications of the effects of Bendgate etc…

iPhone 6 sales plateau in the UK, iPhone 6 Plus still going strong

Carphone Warehouse has bet a bit too high on users swarming its stores to purchase the iPhone 6, but the demand is seemingly not as high as anticipated. However, the iPhone 6 Plus is still selling as fast as Apple can manufacture it. Apple has managed to sort out the limited stock issues that pledged it in the past.

Sadly for the company, there may be another issue at hand – the average UK smartphone buyer isn’t as tempted to go for an iPhone anymore. As per the words of an EE UK employee, for every 3 iPhones sold, there are 7 Samsung Galaxy phones purchased.

So, Samsung must be knocking it out of the park then, eh?

Well, no.

This is all symptomatic of something we’ve been saying for a long time now. Last February funnily enough it was BLACKBERRY who felt the cold dank hand on their shoulder as those ‘taken for granted’ upgrades just didn’t materialise. And since then the story has been the same with EVERY ‘me too’ phone (ie. the same thing just newer), something which we covered extensively in our article So, The Samsung Galaxy 5 Is Selling Well, Huh? where it was demonstrated that:

They were very big in APRIL on saying that the SG5 had outsold the SG4 in the first week.

And then that was it.

Apart from the fact that many retailers seemed to be giving the thing away for free VERY quickly after release.

And then recently, in JUNE, there were stories abound that the SG5 was being ‘throttled back’ in lieu of the iPhone 6.

So, the phone that has been ‘throttled back’ and has left Samsung with profits plunging 60% is outselling the the iPhone 7 to 3. Sounds like a huge Apple success, right there. And all this, remember, in one of the 4 countries left in the world where Apple has any significant market share.

Oh dear.

Of course, by comparison, the 250,000 Passports sold on day one last month pales into tiny insignificance until you consider just one… small.. fact…

All the carriers have been pushing Apple and Samsung like crazy. I defy you to find one whose homepage isn’t dominated by an iPhone 6 advertisement followed by the impression that all they sell are Apple and Samsung devices.

And against that is the fact that pretty much the ONLY place outside Canada you can buy a Passport is online.

That’s it.

So, now imagine just how many Passports would be sold if people COULD see one in a store. Any store!

Just a thought…

Meanwhile the iPhone 6 disaster gathers momentum with some very nasty consequences for Apple’s business plan since they have already written off any new sales and planned on their entire user base upgrading by as soon as 2015:


And that seems highly unlikely now.

Not even iPhonians will put up with living in Bendy Land forever.


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