First Impressions of the LE Passport




So it’s been a week now and I wanted to check back in with my first impressions. The first thing is the form factor – not only the wider, vivid screen but the physical/capacitive keyboard. I’ve been using a virtual keyboard going on 2 years now (first the Z10, then the Z30). I thought the transition would take some getting used to – but it’s been very smooth and easy. The most difficult aspect of the switch was the SIM card – the Passport requires a nano SIM so I headed out to my Carrier, the infamous T-MOBILE. As Apple pushers they weren’t used to swapping SIMs so it took 4 associates to figure out how to transfer data from the old Z30 SIM to the new Passport nano SIM. I then used deviceswitch to transfer data- but not everything went over so I used LINK to restore the Z30 backup to the Passport with no problems – all apps including a handful of android apps worked great! The only minor issue I noted was in the native ‘Contacts’ app – the is no alpha directory running vertically along the right side. This is a minor inconvenience and I’m sure will be addressed in a future OS (currently running OS  The battery life is phenomenal and the screen clarity is unsurpassed!

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If you’ve ever wanted a true workhorse for emails, calls, etc in other words PRODUCTIVITY-

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