Fireside Chats with AT&T


Hello ladies and germs! BlackJack here with a fun new column called Fireside Chats. Have a seat on the hearth while I tell you a Halloween story about a mean scary carrier of old once known as Cingular, who now goes around hiding behind a mask ignoring it’s customers of many years.

I went to begrudgingly pay my AT&T bill today when I noticed a little link that told me I was eligible for a device upgrade. Well great. I just bought my own Verizon Z30 because they don’t sell them, and they are apparently not aware that they have been blessed with exclusive carrier status in the United States on the BlackBerry Passport. So ok, let’s see what they suggest that I upgrade to, since they don’t offer anything I want.

So I did, and as I did I saw a button offering to chat with a customer service rep. Oh how nice! They want to chat!

So I put a log on the fire, poured myself a glass of brandy, grabbed my Z30 and settled down in my favorite chair for a nice cozy Autumn chat with the wonderful people who carry my messages around the world from the comfort of my easy chair.

I logged in and was greeted by a nice lady named “Apolonia” to share my Brandy with. Yes really. Subliminal? I quietly hoped this didn’t mean she was going to try to sell me an Apol phone.

This is how it went. And if anyone else wishes to keep after them, don’t forget to use the hashtag


Don’t forget the hashtag


I am a long time BlackBerry user and fan. Beginning with the 7520, I have recognized the value of subtle productivity enhancements in BlackBerry devices for business communication and have never since strayed. Even when the iPhone took the market by storm, I was unimpressed, because it did nothing to help my business needs. Currently enjoying my one handed dream phone, the Classic! BB10 with a toolbelt! Today I contribute to UTB whenever I feel that I can help enlighten someone on the benefits of using BlackBerry over any other platform.