A Final Bat Gift from the Bat Legend Adam West

The legendary Adam West played the Batman one last time and we get to see our first look at it.

Fifty years after Adam West first donned the cowl of the Batman in the classic groovy television series, he was given the opportunity to return to the role. The character of Batman had gone through some serious changes since West last held the role. It was no longer the fun and comical world in which his version inhabited. Gotham and those that lived within it had turned grim and gritty, and in some cases, barely understandable through the grunts of actors attempting to sound tough. But when West returned to the role, he brought it right back to where it was when he left it. With one slight difference. It was now a cartoon instead of live action.

Adam West was joined by other original cast members Burt Ward (Robin) and Julie Newmar (Cat Woman) to voice their original roles in the straight-to-video “Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders”. The movie was very well received, and another movie began production. West, Ward, and Newmar are this time joined by William Shatner who voices the title sharing villain in “Batman Vs. Two-Face”

The first trailer for the video is now available for viewing, and it looks great. Fans of Adam West and Batman ’66 should be very excited to get one last performance from the late actor who passed away in June.


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  • anthogag

    It’s always strange to see the fake ears on Batman in movies. It would be more bat-like to have special augmentations right at the ears, not two short foam spikes pointing up out of the head. Like Ferengi in Star Trek.