FIFA Was Attacked by Phishing, More Details to be Revealed

It’s not the first time FIFA are under cyber attack.

There was a phishing attack on FIFA (World Football Organization), which has also affected UEFA (the European football organization). FIFA admit for the first time that they have experienced the attack. What specifically was taken will probably be revealed in the coming days.

FIFA acknowledged this week that its computer systems were hacked earlier this year for the second time, and officials from European soccer’s governing body fear they also might have suffered a data breach.

As it was written, it was a phishing attack on the organisation’s employees. One of them apparently fell into the trap that allowed the attackers to carry out their attack. Football Leaks, which was published in late 2015 after publishing embarrassing details about the organization. Which resulted in the dismissal of many senior officials, says that starting today they will publish many documents. The documents include: Word documents; Excel spreadsheets; contracts; agreements; and more details about what is happening in the World Football Organization.

A coordinator with E.I.C. said he could not comment on the content of the next batch of articles, or even if any would be published. FIFA issued a statement criticizing the leaks of stolen information.

FIFA’s official response was that they were concerned that illegal information had been obtained by people illegally.

“FIFA condemns any attempts to compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in any organization using unlawful practices,” FIFA said.

This is not the first attack on the organization. The victory of Russia and Qatar hosting the World Cup had exposed the level of corruption within FIFA and the bid organizations. Now it remains to be seen which details Football Leaks will post and who will fall victim to the information.


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