Feedify has received an attack from a recognized malware

The attack on British Airways strikes again within the same week.

Deja vu , there’s no other way to describe it. Magecart, the malware that attacked British Airways last week and previously Ticketmaster, is now attacking the Feedify notification site.

According to researchers, they found that the site’s Java Script files were infected with a malware that recently attacked a large number of sites, and that Feedify has about 4000 customers, and the extent of damage to the number of customers and the cost has not yet been disclosed.

The story of the attack on the site is interesting. According to the investigators, the malware was inserted into the site on August 17 and was identified by the site’s security personnel on September 11, and that same day they removed the malware. What is interesting is that the attackers made another change in one of the files to continue the attack on Feedify’s team identified the move and removed the damage and the attackers did not give up and introduced the third time the same day.

The attacking group, which has been subject to many attacks in the last two years, manages to steal customer credit cards by inserting the malware into the database, so that when checking out, they receive all the information they need.


Roy Shpitalnik

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