Fall into some App updates!

As the warm days slip away in North America there are still a few things heating up! What you ask? APPS!

Michael Clewley, Director of Software Product Management at BlackBerry, recently blogged about updates to-

Hub, Calendar, Launcher, Productivity Tab, Notable, and DTEK by BlackBerry

Seriously, I thought the Hub was about as polished as it could get but there are #7 updates!

And Calendar? How can you possibly improve a calendar app? Well it just so happens that they found a couple ways of improving that too!

But my personal favorite is DTEK. The app that let’s you customize and control who has access to your data. According to the article-

  • Android Security Patch Level: Within DTEK, users can now see more information about what BlackBerry has done for the security of their device. Users will be able to see the date of the latest security patch that has been applied to their device, check for updates and are also given a link to BlackBerry’s Security Bulletin, where they can get the list of common vulnerabilities and exposures that the patch addressed.


So there are just a few of the goodies that BlackBerry has updated. If your BlackDroid is not set to ‘auto-update’ then simply follow the directions Michael posted-

As with previous updates, you should receive a notification when the application updates are available in Google Play, at which point they should download automatically over Wi-Fi.

If you need to manually update:

  1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network, then open the Google Play Store.

  2. Tap the icon on the left side of the search bar, then select “My apps & games” from the menu that pops up.

  3. Either tap “Update All” or select which apps to update on an individual basis.

  4. Tap “Download” and the update will begin, even if you don’t see a progress bar or another indicator.




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