Fake Alexa App Ranks High in Apple’s App Store

But the app store is supposed to be safe right?

There is a suspicious app that has climbed it’s way up in the rankings in the Apple App Store. The app claims to be the official set-up companion app to Amazon’s Alexa devices, however, it is not. It should be fairly obvious to users that it is not, since it is not made by Alexa. Instead it is made by a wholly unrelated developer by the name of One World Software which has two other suspicious apps within the App Store.

Sadly, it seems the obvious clues to the illegitimacy of this app aren’t obvious enough for Apple users. The app has managed a steady climb up the app store’s rankings, reaching #60 overall in the “Top Free” section, and #6 in the “Utilities” section. There are a multitude of reviews complaining that the app doesn’t work, and yet Apple users have continued to download the app, pushing it further up in the rankings.

What does the app do? That is as yet unknown, however upon opening the app asks for the users IP address, device serial number and name. That doesn’t bode well.

In an odd twist of fate, Amazon might just be happy with this news. After all, as the app isn’t really setting up devices, nor asking for the user’s Amazon login, there isn’t much of a threat to Amazon’s user accounts. Additionally, as the app has skyrocketed up the App Store rankings, it shows that numerous iPhone users purchased or received Amazon Alexa devices this Christmas. Which Apple, with the extremely expensive Apple HomePod can’t be that happy with.

Source: 9to5Mac


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