Facebook Will Not Act On GDPR For Non-European Users

At the end of May, or to be exact on the 25th of May, the European GDPR Act will come into force, which will allow Europe to fine organizations that collect information about users without the user’s consent.  The law in question is designed to protect user’s information on the old continent and to prevent companies like Facebook and Google from accessing people’s information.

Facebook has announced that although it can introduce all social network users under the new law it has decided that it will activate compliance with the law only for its European users. That means users from Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East which number about 1.5 billion users will receive a different behavior from Facebook.

The new law allows Europe to fine the company that broke the law for about 4% of the company’s total profits, Facebook has a lot of money, and Facebook probably has no plans to protect other users around the world.

Facebook has been at the center of a scandal after discovering that info about  more than 80 million users was leaked to Cambridge Analytica. Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg stood before the US Senate for a hearing, and it seems that despite all the talk and promises, Facebook is really trying to keep its user’s information at all costs.

Perhaps other countries and continents need to enact laws similar to the European GDPR in order to prevent the use of user information without approval and supervision of where their information may end up.


Roy Shpitalnik

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