Facebook Reposts Old Photos Without Permission

This is not Fake News, Facebook is reposting old posts to user’s timelines.

It wasn’t too long ago that a Facebook glitch left user’s many of their living users looking as if they had passed away to their friends. This time, it’s not an online murder, but the rehash of old memories.

PC Mag is reporting that there is a new glitch which is reposting old photos to user’s timelines without their permission. It is not simply an old post floating to the top of the user’s feed. It is entirely new posts, with friends and locations tagged. Not all of these new posts are able to be deleted, with the author of the PC Mag post noting that one of his new-past posts notifies him that “something’s gone wrong. We’re working to get it fixed as soon as possible.” when he tries to delete it.

Now this glitch may not be as horrifying as suddenly clicking on a page and seeing that Facebook has virtually murdered them, however I can imagine there are many that are seeing old memories reappear that they’d probably like to not think about. This may be a bit of a much needed lesson for those that post to Facebook when they are angry, sad or sick.

Or even to those that post to Facebook at all.

I’d just like to point out that BBM Channels has never tried to murder me, nor forced me to think about bad past decisions. Just sayin’.


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