Facebook paused secret project of sharing your data with hospitals

After the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, there is new story about Facebook and this one could be very disturbing. A new secret project that’s ran by Facebook has come to light, they tried to share the social network users data with hospitals. Facebook יhired a doctor who’s mission was to ask for cooperation from hospitals and medical companies.

The idea of Facebook was to build better profile of their users and with their social data and medical data, so Facebook can know better their users and if they will share it with hospitals they claim the doctors can give better treatment. The issue is after the Cambridge Analytica scandal is that if Facebook has your medical info and it can and probably will be stolen by companies like CA (shortcut for Camridge Analytica).

Hospitals and doctors who have your medical info is fine but what will happen if they will have more than that, your personal info from the social network? They will know more than they need maybe it will affect the treatment not for the good, because of any reason.

Facebook responded to the report by saying :

“For the first time in history, people are sharing information about themselves online in ways that may help determine how to improve their health. As part of its mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health, the American College of Cardiology has been engaged in discussions with Facebook around the use of anonymized Facebook data, coupled with anonymized ACC data, to further scientific research on the ways social media can aid in the prevention and treatment of heart disease—the #1 cause of death in the world. This partnership is in the very early phases as we work on both sides to ensure privacy, transparency and scientific rigor. No data has been shared between any parties.”

Facebook paused the project for now, and as far as they said no hospital answered to them about this project.




Roy Shpitalnik

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