Facebook Kills Users, Temporarily.

Facebook suffers a glitch, which is resulting in the temporary death of it’s members.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I dislike Facebook. I point to the killing of our privacy, but I never thought they’d kill their users. Now they are. At least online. Temporarily.

John Brandon over at Computerworld has reported on a slight glitch with Facebook. Facebook seems to be taking some user’s profiles and turning them I to a memorial page. Poor John Brandon’s online persona was murdered by Facebook. For a short time. Then he was alive again.

The glitch seems to be affecting people randomly, and temporarily. We can of course assume Facebook is working on the issue and will correct it. In the meantime, I’m sure hijinks shall ensue.

Are you a Facebook user? It may be the time to actually make contact with family and friends utilizing means other than Facebook to let them know that you aren’t dead, and don’t plan on being dead anytime soon.

Perhaps send them a BBM? After all, BBM has never tried to kill you.




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    Man… I know several people I’d like to “gift” a Facebook page to. LoL

    Nice article, Brad