Facebook Introduces Lifestage, Yeah, No Thanks

Facebook launched a new social media app,Lifestage, and it looks to be the worst of the worst.

Lifestage has been launched by Facebook for iPhone with Android to follow later. The new social network looks to me to be the worst idea for a social network, well, ever.

Lifestage is made for teens in highschools. In fact, if you’re over the age of 22, you can’t see other’s profiles. Also, the social network locks users to their own profiles until over 20 students from a school sign in to the app. Once the school is unlocked, then the social aspect of the social network opens up.

The app asks users to upload videos and photos of themselves, things they like, and don’t like. And if their school unlocks, then other students can see it.

Uhm…. ok.

I like the idea of a social network for kids without adults. In today’s age, all teens are living digital lives, and often fall prey to adults with bad intentions. I like the idea of them having a safe place. Of course, teens today are very different than when I was a teen. I’d like to think there would be some responsible chaperone’s in the network to ensure that things stay on the up and up. And I don’t for one moment think that Facebook can be a responsible chaperone. I can’t believe for one second that this app will actually care about teens safety. But I can be sure that the app will work to market products to the teens.

The app just looks to be a bad idea. Besides that, it just looks incredibly boring. Whether Lifestage becomes popular or not, I can thank Facebook for one thing. With the age limit, I will never have to worry about people trying to invite me to join it.




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  • nnik

    This raises all kinds of alarm bells, they will make sure it makes money for them… it scares me how.

  • Anthony

    Facebook goes full circle, back to its high school roots. locco_smiley_47

  • Nayalm

    What is coated with good, helpful and clean intentions but coming from Facebook really scares everyone because it’s FACEBOOK!!!.


  • CabbagePatch_D

    So I guess we know who paid the most to get the app first, as I would think Android is a much bigger market than iPhone.
    I got invited to Facebook years ago and while I still have the account I seldom log in. I logged in a few days ago after about 2 years and I still don’t get it. Maybe I’m just old and thankfully too old to be invited to this new bad idea. locco_smiley_4
    First, how will they verify the age of individuals signing up?
    Second, what happens when you reach 22 years old? Are you automatically switched over to Facebook? locco_smiley_38