Facebook For BB10 Updated In The Beta Zone

Facebook for BB10 Updated in the Beta Zone
Facebook for BB10 Updated in the Beta Zone

Are you a BB10 user that has a Facebook profile and likes to beta test apps?  If so, you’re in luck as Facebook for BB10 has just been updated in the Beta Zone.

Today’s updates are:

  • The ability to rename Photo Albums
  • Active frames now scroll through the top 5 feeds while in minimized state + show new notification count
  • Ability to Poke back directly from the notification

Although it is not an extensive list, these are neat updates and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

If you’re not a Beta Zone member, you can go here for the online version, or download the app from BlackBerry World here; depending of course on availability for your geographic location.

Happy beta testing!

  • ray689


  • razrrob

    just downloaded, thanks ital1!

    Will run it through the paces and comment back to Beta Zone

  • Cool ital1. I wish at some point they would allow you to scroll back farther. I only check FB every so often and invariably, I scroll back to where I can’t get any more activity to sync over to my app in my newsfeed. And it really doesn’t seem to go back that far.