Facebook Down, What Happens When You Can’t Get a Like?

People the world over are taking a hit to their ego as Facebook stutters.

What many, myself included, have hoped for, has happened. Facebook has gone down. Well, for most anyway, as it is seemingly just the Android app affected. Reports of the outage apparently started around 6 a.m. EST today. As of now, reports of the outage are still widespread.

Many on Down Detector are complaining that the outage has occurred after an app update. As of this writing, Facebook has not acknowledged the outage, although we can be sure once the personal data stops rolling in to Facebook from massive amounts of Android users, that the issue will be addressed.

What should users do during this horrifying time in which they can’t share their location, photos of their coffee, and obtain likes for memes created by others?

Option 1: Enjoy your new found privacy. You know it won’t last for long. Is there a store you wanted to visit, but didn’t want Facebook to know about? Now is the time to do it.

Option 2: Friends exist in the real world too. Perhaps take this time to see one in person, instead of just the highlight reel that you have been stalking for the past several years.

Option 3: Pet your dog. Remember him? He’s missed you. And he’s good for more than a picture to share with your friends. (This also holds true for cats. For some people. You know who you are.)

Option 4: Watch Black Mirror and see where you’re future is headed.

Option 5: This is the most important one. For all of your friends that find themselves alone and confused with the privacy sucking Facebook down, invite them to BBM. They can do all the chatting and sharing they like, while being free of Zuckerberg looking over your shoulder every minute of your day.


Source: Newsweek


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