Facebook Beta Gets a New Version!

The hits keep coming!
The hits keep coming!

Keeping up with friends is faster then ever…That’s right, Facebook for BlackBerry 10 has received an update in the beta zone.

What’s new?

*View photos and stickers posted by friends in comments.
*View additional story types in the newsfeed.
*Publisher bar now located at the bottom of the screen.
*Multiple bug fixes.

You can check out the beta zone app in BlackBerry World by clicking on the link.


  • Chaplain_Clancy

    I quite like the publisher bar at the bottom. Especially with the Passport’s pkb. It just seems to flow. No issues with accidentally pressing the publisher bar buttons in an attempt to swipe up as yet.

  • mopar_fxr

    finally no longer needing to revert back to the mobile browser to see what picture was left as a comment. Very smooth the past couple of days using as compared to the previous version also. With each and every update of all apps, BB10 native apps are growing stronger :)