Facebook Asks Australians “Send Nudes”

Facebook is going to protect your nudes, if you send the pics to them.

Facebook has partnered with Australia’s government agency e-Safety in an effort to combat revenge porn.  This is a pilot program taking place in four countries although at this point Australia is the only country that is known.

Revenge porn has made headlines over the past year and it’s good to see Facebook being proactive in combating it. Facebook had earlier introduced photo matching technology which would find and disallow images that had been previously tagged as revenge porn.

This new pilot program asks potential victims to upload their nudes. Wait, what?

Users that are afraid they may be at risk of being a revenge porn victim are to contact e-Safety. That in itself might just be a little awkward. They are then to send a nude photo to themselves via Facebook Messenger. Assurances are given that these nude photos are not stored by Facebook. Instead, their system will hash these photos and using these hashes, artificial intelligence will ensure that these images cannot be uploaded in the future. I’m sure nothing bad can happen here right?

So, who feels comfortable uploading their own nudes to Facebook?


source: TechCrunch


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