Face10, Inst10, and SuperTube get updated

Three popular apps for the BlackBerry 10 Operating System recently got an update. Those apps are the following:

Face10 for FacebookFixed “undefined” error in Messenger Tab, along with some minor improvements and bug fixes. 

Inst10 for Instagram: Minor bug fixes and improvements. 

The creator of both the above mentioned apps, Nemory Studios, has also said that we should be expecting a major update for these two apps. No time frame was given.

SuperTube for YouTubeCreator Marco Bavagnoli has released a fix for the “video not found” error in this patch. 

You can head on over to BlackBerry World on your BB10 smartphones and fire up these updates. It’s great to see that there are developers taking the time to update and improve their apps for this incredible operating system.

Source Appworld


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