Extend For BB10 by CellNinja Gets Updated With New Features

Follow on from Alpha’s post, another app was updated for BB10. Extend by CellNinja was released last week and he has made some improvements already.

Extend is an app for BB10 devices that automatically adds missing file extensions to pictures that have been downloaded but don’t display because it is missing that file extension and therefore is not recognised.

One of the great features of the app is the toast and Hub Notifications that it provides. While discussing how good this app works with one of my mates, Bryan, from our Aussie BBM group, he mentioned an issue that he had come across. Although the app provided notification in the Hub that files had been “fixed” it didn’t actually give you the locations of where those files were located.

I immediately got in touch with CellNinja and put forward this suggestion to add a link to the files location. Rodger loved the idea and within a matter of a couple of days he has released an update with that exact feature added. Now there is an “open” button at the bottom of the Hub notification and also the location of the file:


Not only that, but he also added support for a whole heap of files, not just pictures. You can see the list of files now supported in the picture below :

So a big thank you to CellNinja for listening to your customers and supporting our beloved BB10 platform!!

If you haven’t already got this fantastic app, I suggest you head on over to BlackBerry World quick smart and get this app loaded on your BB10 device. While you are at it, make sure you leave a great review and check out the rest of the apps from this fantastic developer.