An Explosive Problem Affects Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung seems to have another explosive problem on its hands, adding to the already known problem of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 phone, which forced a costly recall of the device. This time, the problem affects another everyday device found in a quiet corner in many homes – the washing machine.

Reports emerged in the US last week that some Samsung washing machines, built between 2011 and 2016, had developed the tendency of blowing up! No specific model was named. This forced the Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue a warning to consumers, not to push the machines hard.

The commission recommended the use of the delicate cycle: “to wash bedding and water-resistant and bulky items”, because the lower spin cycle reduces the risk of injury in the event of an explosion.

The agency said it was working with Samsung to find a solution to the problem.

See a perfect example of the exploding machines in the video below.



Sipo Kapumba is a journalist and technology fan. He has been using BlackBerry phones since 2008, starting with the BlackBerry 8820, then the Z10, Z30 and finally the BlackBerry Passport.​